Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday in Ho Chi Minh City

October 10, 2010
Today we took a break from teaching and had the day to ourselves.  I started out the day with a nice "long" run of 8 miles, which here in the heat and humidity and crazy smog felt like about 20!  It was great to get out there again and see that now that I have run by some of the same people 3 or 4 days in a row they are smiling and waving at me and some even saying hello.  It felt great to exchange greetings with them this morning and you could feel the more laid back Sunday vibe.  I hope tomorrow I still get the smiles and hellos.  :)  I also took some time to reflect while I watched the sun rise about what we have been doing here in Vietnam so far.  The kids have been wonderful and I feel so lucky to be here and given the opportunity to help them in the small way that we are.  Some of the images from our class room adventures are below. 

After a great run it was out on the town to see what we could find.  What we ended up finding was amazing massages which were totally needed after our week of travel and lugging around computers and ourselves.  My neck was a mess of knots that felt great getting worked out.  Very very relaxing!!  We also did some walking around the city as captured below. 
We also met up with our friends here and did some shopping in Ben Thanh Market.  It was just as I remembered it from 3 years ago when I was first in Vietnam, so I came in with some goals of finding bling.  It was a maze of vendors and many goods to buy but at the end of the day I accomplished the mission.  See bling below:)

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