Monday, October 18, 2010


Today I woke up in Vung Tau and the shoulder was completely sore.  I could not move my left arm at all which made running impossible and showering and getting dressed and ready a hilarious trial and error as I figured out how to do most of the things with only one arm.  I guess I should be happy that it was my left and not my right, being right handed, that would make for an even bigger challenge.  So after a struggle to just get my arm moving in the morning as well as packing up my stuff it was a pretty good work out and I was able to get more movement in my sore muscles. 
Today was our last day in Vung Tau and we were working with the teachers at the orphanage on how to maintain the computers as well as the different lesson plans that we have already covered.  There were 8 teachers that came in on their Sunday to work with us which was a great showing considering it was a beautiful day and there are many things to do.  The teachers at this facility really show how dedicated they are to helping the kids of Vung Tau who would otherwise be out on the streets or abandoned.  They are very good people.  The kids were really great as well and as we were heading out they were just starting their lunch and even though they have so little they invited us to come share lunch with them.  They are very sweet children and it touched my heart to see how full of life they are.   I hope that the computers and training will offer these kids a better life and future and at the very least help them learn more than they otherwise would have and offer them a connection to the bigger picture.  After we did this session with the teachers for 2 and a half hours it was off to a quick lunch before getting on another ferry back to Saigon.   

The ferry ride was really cool because it was sunny as we left Vung Tau and I spent most of the trip outside the boat soaking up the beautiful sunshine jamming out to my Ipod and loving life in that moment.  It was nice to pause and reflect on all of the amazing things I have seen so far on this trip.  There are many things that need to be done for the children here in Vietnam, but there is progress being made.  There are many people that care and that is uplifting and inspiring. 
Once we got back to our original hotel I was off to run, even with the sore shoulder I just needed to get out and stretch the legs and lungs.  The shoulder is not great, and hurt for the beginning of the run, but I got used to it.  Lifting it above my head is the part that is almost impossible.  I think an MRI is in order once I get back to the states, but I will deal with that in a few days.  Who knows maybe it will get much better and heal on its own and I am just being a big baby, I hope that is the case.  On my run it was interesting to note how many street vendors were off texting or talking away on their cell phones.  The technology is everywhere!
After a delightful afternoon run it was off to a dinner with a small sub set of the team and then to hit the streets of Saigon for some shopping. We missed all of our Vietnamese friends at dinner tonight, but we will rejoin them in the morning.  It was a good Sunday here in Vietnam.

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