Saturday, October 9, 2010

2 days in Vietnam!

October 8, 2010
We have been in Vietnam for 2 days and so far the team is having a blast!  On day one we met up with Tad and started to get the classroom PC’s ready for the classroom.  We spent the morning doing this at a coffee house and working together as a team for the first time, all went well see the team in action below.  Once the PC’s were up and running we then went through the lesson plan for the next day and planned out the first session we were to deliver in the morning. 
After a successful prep day we started off day 2 early and headed out to our first orphanage.  We worked arrived and set up for our first session with 8 girls ages 13-18 and went through a 2 hour lesson.  For many of these students it was their first time ever using a PC so we went through all of the steps from opening a PC to turning it on to basic mousing and then started to open programs and work with different applications.  The girls were very fast at picking up the instructions even though some of us were communicating in English and they were only able to speak Vietnamese.  It was a real treat to see some of their faces light up as they learned to draw or type.  For the closing activity we accessed the computers camera and made a power point slide that featured their picture, and this was very exciting.  We also sent the girls on their way with a photo taken in class of them that we were able to print out on a mini printer.  Overall it was a very successful session and it seemed like the girls enjoyed the instruction.  We also shared some American candy with them students, it was their first taste of jelly beans and they seemed hesitant, but overall I think they may have enjoyed them.  We are looking forward to day 3 in Vietnam!!!

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