Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Leanring the Language

October 12, 2010

Chào, tên tôi là Mỹ Lệ Hoa và tôi thích chạy bộ!  Or in English- Hello, my name is "Melissa" and I love to run!  I have been having a blast trying to pick up the local language and talk with the kids.  They appreciate me trying and I get a lot of laughs, I hope I am not saying something like "hello I am a green monkey pants" or something.  :)

Today I woke up with a terrible neck strain from the cabs and sleeping wrong and lack of a foam roller.  So I still went out for my 5am run in Vietnam, but it was slow and painful.  I tried all day to stretch it out and that helped a bit, but it was a great reminder to me to be thankful for everyday that I can run pain free, while today was not one of them I am sure this is just minor and there will be many more to come.

We visited two centers today starting with a new one called Tu Xuong.  The students here have been working with the classmate PC's for a year so they were well versed in the applications and we worked on some more advanced skills with them.
 After our morning session it was off to a quick lunch at carb fest Vietnam!  It was some French style bakery, but wow it was just carbs everywhere.  Delish for sure!!

After we carb loaded for lunch it was back to the Binh Trieu Center where we had power since the rain had stopped.   We worked with 2 classes of kids for 3 hours and they were very excited to do the typing programs as well as learning how to format documents. 

After our afternoon session it was back to the hotel and I was outta there for run #2 of the day.  With my neck loosening up a bit it was nice to do another run.  I headed out at 5pm with rush hour traffic thinking I will be fine on this route because I just have to do one major road crossing and the rest is just sidewalk for me.  Well, as it turns out the side walks turn into roads for the motor bikes and I was running along in a sea of traffic.  It was so exciting though I loved it!  I hit a fast pace for me, but that seemed to be the same pace as traffic so we all just flowed together.  It was one of the most exciting running experiences of my life!  Overall a great double run and teaching day!  I am pooped- off to dream land now to see what adventure awaits tomorrow:)

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