Saturday, October 30, 2010

New Job, Madonna, and a broken shoulder, what a WEEK!

The week following a 100 miler is always a good one; you are recovering, happy with your accomplishment, and just basking in the glow of post race goodness!  This week was especially magical in many ways on top of the glow.  For starters I had my first MRI and found out the results of my shoulder injury from a fall I took in Vietnam.  Yes yes, I got “hurt in Nam!”  The doctors doing my MRI loved telling everyone else this story as they were prepping me for the injections and getting me in and out of the MRI tube.  This made for a really fun MRI and the cute guys even helped me removed the multiple earnings that I have, which I am sure was in their job description, but really sweet of them.  I had trouble getting a couple back in though so I did end up at Straight to the Point and while I was there added a new ear piercing with some bling to celebrate the PR at JJ100.  Seriously can’t go into those places and not get a new addition.  But I digress.  So I received the results of my MRI on Friday dressed up like Madonna for Halloween.  Bart told me happily that I had not torn anything, huge relief here, because that means I did not need surgery, but that I had fractured my shoulder bone.  There were various hairline fractures running through the front and top of my shoulder that have been causing the pain when I try to move it above my head.  The great news about all of this is 1.  No surgery! 2.  Just have to let it heal 3. Was encouraged to keep running to keep healthy blood flow to the body to aid in healing!  So dressed like Madonna getting these results was just so appropriate and I was ready to do a little song and dance!!! 
So to back track, this entire Madonna costume came from the 100 as well.  As I was out there running I promised my dodgeball team, yup that’s right I play adult dodgeball, that I would come up with a theme for our game Thursday night in honor of Halloween.  So while out on the course sometime around 9pm Danica and I came up with 80’s!  That’s where I got the idea to be Madonna and that’s where you get a sexy dodgeball team seen below!!  They were freaken awesome with everyone bringing it on the costumes!! 

Yes we did crpim our hair pre game at the bar!

So the new job this week was also a huge unexpected surprise.  I was approached by another Melissa form work while I was in Vietnam about a role she was looking for hire for in our Software finance group working on our apps store AppUp, and she had been sent my direction by our VP of finance, insert thrilled, unexpected happy face here.  Through our finance rotation program I was in the market, but thought that I would not really start interviewing until Q1, so this was a bit early, but I decided that this was a great opportunity that I was interested in so I had to go for it.  So while in Nam I threw my hat in the ring and actually ended up doing an interview for the role at 10pm US time while I was in the hotel lobby in Ho Chi Minh City about to get on a boat for Vung Tau.  It was insanity, but hey we made it work and I received and accepted the offer!!  It’s really exciting and there is so much going on at work now that it was crazy busy and stressful all week, but in the best way possible.  I love my current group and I am going to miss the finance and operations partners sooo much because they are amazing to work with, but change is inevitable.  At least I am only moving a couple of buildings over and will still be able to see them often.  It’s the start of a new adventure from the work perspective and I am really looking forward to the journey that is coming up! 

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  1. Nice to see you wear life up your sleeve that way. Watch out for the shoulders next time, though. Bones and shoulders are the ones upon which our very being is literally hinged upon. Making them better ensures we can keep bobbing our heads to the fun stuff, which is a priority. :)

    Kristal @ Colorado Orthopedic Consultants