Saturday, October 16, 2010

New clothes and bad falls, all in a day here!

Saturday in Vung Tau providence started out again with a beautiful run on the beach for me.  It was sunny and lovely outside and the beach was beautiful.  There was a lot going on with fishing boats coming in with the day’s catch, to people praying, to others running, and of course lots of swimming.  Pictures from the morning run below. 

We headed back to the Vung Tau Orphanage to work with the kids on the second part of the lesson.  While the sessions were going on a couple of us snuck out to the market to buy some clothing and shoes for the kids.  The market was an entire different experience on its own with the crowded streets being overtaken by street vendors to the point where a single motorbike could not move through the crowd.  We were able to make our way though and buy the items we came there to get for the children. 

There was a set of brothers that were dropped off yesterday with only the clothes on their back by their father.  He could not care for them any longer because their mother left and he injured his back.  Minh from the team discussed this with him and found out the heartbreaking story of what happened and walked him out as he had tears streaming down his face.  The little boys are 6 and 7 years old and are extremely tiny for their age.  We made sure they had extra snacks yesterday and the girls, Diem and Linh, brought them breakfast today.  The two brothers received extra clothing and then we got everyone kid in the center a new shirt and shorts so they have a full new clean outfit.  Today we also learned that 2 of the children we are working with also are HIV positive but just recently started receiving medicine.  There are many challenges that the kids are facing here at the center, but they still smile and play and have been enjoying the computers.  It’s heart breaking and inspiring at the same time to watch and be a part of. 

We left the center for a quick lunch and had some interesting food.  Well mine was boring, just veggie pizza, but others had more of the traditional food offered.  Hoang also brought some delish local fruit that we enjoyed after the meal that included bon bon’s and grenade fruit.  Pictures of the meal are featured below.

After out final afternoon session with the kids at the Orphanage we headed back to the hotel and ended up with a couple of hours of free time before we dinner that we were invited to by the director of the center.  So the team headed out to various places.  I ended up on the top of the mountain with the statue and then over to the beach.  On my way over to the beach though I took a nasty fall on the side walk made of granite and this was good to prevent road rash as it’s smooth as glass, but in landing on my forearm to try to brace the fall it completely slide up above me head and dislocated.  This hurt.  So I was trying not to pass out as people that saw the spectacle of a tumble started to come over and see if I was ok.  I tried to stand up and there was a horrible “pop” in my left shoulder putting it back into place.  This hurt more than the fall and I almost barfed and passed out at the same time with the wave of white hot pain that ran through my arm and body.  After a few deep breaths I tried to tell the nice people that I was fine and made my way back to the hotel.  My camera that I was holding to take some awesome shots from the top of the mountain did not survive the fall and so hopefully I will be able to recover those pictures at a later date and share. 
After the run it was off to dinner with the team and the director of the Vung Tau Orphanage.  The meal was delish and it was great to meet the director and enjoy the evening with the team.  The weather was beautiful and perfect and we sat outside right next to the beach with waves crashing up just feet from where we were dining.  I would share some of the beautiful pictures here, but until I am able to get my hands on a new camera you will have to visualize for nowJ  Overall even with the fall it was still an amazing day here with the kids and the team.  This experience is really once in a life time. 

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  1. Dislocated? What? Forget about the camera, I hope you are OK. I think we need to start calling you Iron Woman or She-Ra. You are so my hero! And not just for the working through the pain but for doing what you are doing. :)