Thursday, October 10, 2013

Amazing Summer 2013!

Sorry I have been very tardy since my last post!  It has been a very busy wonderful summer filled with running (of course), getting married (YEAH!), buying a new house (SWEET!), selling the old house (awesome!), and becoming the mother of 3 chicks and a winter hawk (more on this later) :)

Let's start with the running!  Since my birthday race and last post I have run the following races:

June '13- New Port Marathon and Winthrop Marathon and pace lead Vancouver Marathon

July '13 -  Foot Traffic Flat 4th of July Marathon

August '13- Haulin Aspen Marathon

Sept '13 - Hagg Lake Hybrid Marathon

Oct  '13 -  Portland Marathon

So the running at least a marathon distance race or long a month streak from 2008 is still alive and well!!! 

The next big event of the summer was our wedding, but before the wedding you have to have a bachlorette and bachelor party!  Our friends are so sweet and threw us an entire weekend party here in the NW, but we also had a blast in AZ in the sun with me and some of my friends.  Rhiannon and John and our whole wedding party really spoiled us and made this such a magical time!  A few pictures below!

AZ bridal party fun! 

OR NW party fun!

After all the fun partying it was time to get married (and party some more!)
See more wedding day pictures fun below.  It was an amazing day on 7.13.13 and I could not have wished for a better more perfect wedding!  We had wonderful weather that day and beautiful views on the vineyard.  We were able to spend the time with family and friends and everyone looked wonderful!  My family made the trip from AZ to visit and spend time with us after the wedding which was totally a blast:) 

It was a fab day!  

Right after getting married we closed on a new house in OR.  We are so thrilled with our new house that is on over a half acre and backs up to a creek.  Since we had so much land we decided that we had to add to it! 

So the family quickly got bigger with the addition of 3 chicken girls that are just the most darling creatures ever!  They are the perfect pets who love people and are very playful and make you an egg each a day!  

So the chickens are awesome!  But we didn't stop there!  We also have a winterhawk ice hockey player living with us for the season!  So we watch a lot of ice hockey and have a full house now which is totally fun and just another adventure!  More to come for the fall! 

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