Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Too busy to write… no more!

I almost made my goal of writing every month in 2012, but somehow feel off after Hurricane Sandy.  So I wanted to kick off this post with a recap of what I have been up to since then!

In Nov 2012 I ran another quadzilla!  This year my fiancé joined me and made the adventure even that much more fun!  We had beautiful weather in Seattle for these races, but Friday our in Gig Harbor for race #2 of the 4 was just insane.  We were in pouring rain and mud the entire day! Here are some pictures of the 4 marathons in 4 days adventure!! 

 Thanks Giving meal mid day in a local pub after day 1 of 4 :)

Day 1 marathon looking pretty happy! 

Day 2 in the mud and rain
Day 3 at Ghost of Seattle 
Day 4 running Seattle Marathon 
So happy to be done!!!  

After the Quad I took a 2 week rest of racing before we headed to the sunshine in Hawaii for the Honolulu Marathon!!!  This was my first time running this one, and I just loved being there for it!  It was very much like my first international marathon with everything being in Japanese, as JAL is a huge sponsor of this one.  It was a great run, even though we started at 5am!  Race day my very sweet Jash woke up at 3am with me to drive me to the starting line.  He is such a wonderful husband to be!  Here are some picts from this one:
Our start in the dark with fireworks!!  I was so glad to be over half way through when the sun came up and started cookin us!  
We went over to Pearl Harbor Memorial after the race and the first guy working there shook my hand and congratulated me on the run! 
And we had a wonderful week long vacation on the island post marathon!!

My next race was on Dec. 22 back home just minutes from our house.  I went out and ran operation jack marathon around a local park look on a lake.  This was a lot of fun as I was able to catch up with many friends and Jash even came out to run a few loops with me!  He is so supportive!!
I think this just captures how happy I was out there on such a beautiful Dec. day!

The next race I did was post holidays at the end of January- Lake Youngs Nuts 50k.  This one I did last year and was happy to be back running it again!  I ran 20 min faster this year!

As for Feb. my 2 favorite races happen this month both in AZ.  The first is the Lost Dutchman Marathon- this year  I ran it for the 6th year in a row.  Weather is always perfect for this one and they do such a great job of putting it on. 

A beautiful start as always!!!  Watching the sun come up through the MTS is my favorite part of this race!!

And finally to round out the running there was Ragnar Ultra Relay with the most interesting van in the world!  This was my 5th year of running this relay with my sole sports team.  This year I did leg 2 which was a total of 40.7 miles, but  no I don't get to count that in the running total of 96 marathons/ultras to date as I did not do it all at once.  Here are some of the awesome pictures of our 202 mile adventure with my 5 sweaty fun amazing running family!

Overall it has been a wonderful running time!!  I will work on keeping these more up to date, but here is the fun summary of what I have been up to!  Oh yeah and in there of course we have been doing some wedding planning!  Here are some engagement picts from that other non running adventure!  7/13/13 is the magical upcoming day!!!

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