Sunday, October 14, 2012

Hagg Lake Hybrid Marathon


Marathon number 87 was a blast out at Hagg Lake!  Just a day after the rain had started in OR we had the race, but lucky for us we did not get really much rain at all out there on the course and it ended up being a perfect day for a marathon.  What I really liked about this inaugural race was the mix of road and trail.  We did 2 counter clockwise loops around Hagg Lake, the first on roads and the second on the secluded trails.  It made for a great second half on the legs that were ready for a softer surface to do the last 14 miles on and the change of scenery was a welcome beautiful distraction.  What a also really liked about this course was the fact that the RD’s really put thought into where and how many aid stations we needed out there and had plenty of Gu for us so there was not bonking!  The course markings were also wonderful so it was very easy to follow and plenty of confidence markers just in case.  I really loved all the cones placed on the ground marking our way with had written “Race in Progress” on them and thought of all the loving time and energy that went into making those for our race day.  It really made it just a treat to be out there and I was in no hurry once I got to the trails.  I loved the fall colors all around us and it made for some breathtaking views.  This year being the first year was pretty small in terms of the field that entered the race and I just started wondering, where did all of the thousands of people that ran Portland last weekend go to?  Although I was happy that we had the roads and the trails rather people free which means that we were not competing to find a place or ever feeling rushed on the trails by lines of people.  Overall it was a wonderful first event and I am looking forward to running this one again next year if I am in the state and not out of the country on sabbatical. 

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