Friday, September 14, 2012

Sunriver Marathon for a Cause #84

I love celebrating a 3 day weekend with a vacation based around a marathon.  This year for Memorial Day Jasha and I, on our 17 month anniversary, headed down to Sun River, OR to relax and spend time together.  We rented a guest house of a very nice couple; they had actually lived in the guest house for 2 years while custom building their current home, so it was a very nice place to stay with a lot of great custom touches.  We arrived on Saturday and after a leisurely breakfast together and after picking up the race packet and unpacking we headed out in canoes on the river.   It was a beautiful afternoon and we took the boats all over saying hi to others that we saw who were also enjoying their beautiful weekend.  

 Sunday morning the race kicked off at 7am.  I did not plan properly not realizing that it was going to be in the 30’s at the start of the race so I was in shorts and a tank top and it was COLD!!  I happened to have a long sleeve shirt that I was planning to wear on the way home that I threw on top of my race clothes and this helped keep me from totally freezing at the start.  I did not warm up to feel my legs and hands until about mile 14 which at that point I realized I had been running just a bit too fast for the start!  The landscape was beautiful running by the river in bright sunshine with steam coming off of it.  Seeing the baby deer with mama running about was also a nice treat.  I really enjoyed the route, except when they run you by the finish line at mile 13- that is just mean!   But the race went ok from there.  Second half of the race my IT bands really tightened up, also my fault as I forgot my foam roller.   Still I was running and just loving being out there on such a beautiful Sunday morning!  It was really the best thing ever to do to celebrate Memorial Day. 

Post race Jash and I went into Bend to eat and do some shopping which was a blast.  Since we had a full kitchen in our house, we brought home dinner to cook together with wine, enjoyed the hot tub, and even watched a little TV- a real treat and totally feels like being lazy and relaxing because we do not own a TV!   On Monday we enjoyed sleeping in and cooking breakfast together and even got back into town early enough to join a friends BBQ that evening!    Overall I could not have even imagined a better 3 day holiday weekend! 

OH and I even won second place in my age group which was a delightful surprise.  The finish shirt and glass were also very nice ad you can see with a pink medal!  Overall I am a big fan of this raceJ

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