Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Waterfalls 50k

This is my second year running the waterfalls 50k, but this year I ran the race with my now fiancé Jasha!  The course was pretty different this year due to a trail closure and some snow and ice out there, although we still had some of this to run through- it could have been much worse!  The waterfalls were still beautiful and although we went quite a bit slower this year than when I ran it last year, I enjoyed it 100 times more.  Running with my best friend talking and supporting each other with some kisses under and in front of the beautiful waterfalls was just a perfect Sunday!!  This was Jash’s second 50k and although he is amazingly busy getting his MBA while working full time he made it out there for the event and did great. 
The event got off to a late start due to some tire issues the RD had with his trailer- but that was not a worry for us and actually allowed for a wonderful 20 min nap in the warm car!  The race kicked off with a bit of a wacky start across a small creek bridge that bottled up the group of over 200 a bit, but after a quick jaunt around the pond it was onto the single track leading up to some steep climbing, with amazing waterfall views.  Then on to the mud and ice- I was just so hoping that I did not slip and fall into it because it was a messy sticky goop that would not have washed off very easily!  Luckily Jash and I both stayed up right for the most part!  The single track was pretty nice, but I was being extra careful with the rocks as I have not been doing a lot of trail running lately and I knew my feel for it was a bit off and did not want to eat it!  We popped out of the forest and onto the road section and were moving pretty good until Jash was hit with some calf cramping.  So we took it easy and made sure to get him more S-caps and some food and drink.  The way back was ok, but I decided that I really really hate out and back courses.  Mentally it’s about 5 times harder on me because I know how far we came and going back over it just seems pointless to me.  More point to point and loop courses are in my future and noted after this one! 
I also learned that Jash is really so much of a nicer person that I ever will be.  Honestly!  On the way back whenever we were passed he was so positive and encouraging to other runners, where as I was hum, let’s just say I was not in the best of spirits.  Ok honestly I wanted to tell some people to shove it.  I mean really if I am walking a steep downhill do not run past and ask if my quads hurt- this apparently was their first rodeo.  Nonetheless I was so happy to be with Jash and seeing him so positive made me ensure that I kept my mouth shut- well except for once.  But it was totally justified.  Basically this lady runs up all fast and says on your left and then when she goes to pass me she exactly matches my pace as if expecting me to slow down and let her by.  HA!  Well this just is unacceptable to me so I said something like pass or don’t, but I am not hand writing you an invitation or something… then I passed her.   Ah yes there’s that mean streak againJ 
So we made it to the finish and crossed the line holding hands and it was just wonderful.  We ended up getting the last bowl of vegetarian soup that we shared with some bread and salad which was very good.  Although the beer had run out, yeah yeah run faster if you want beer, I was perfectly happy with a nice cold root beer.  The rain held off for most of the run and we had a grand time out there- doing what I love with whom I love… the best way to spend a weekend!!! 

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