Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Kicking off 2012! (and summarizing 2011)

Ok first it’s been almost a year since my last post so let’s summarize a few things: yes I have still been running and have still done at least 1 marathon or ultra a month if not more and the streak is still alive from 2008!  Yes I got engaged!  Well to be precise in 2011 I happened to fall in love with the most amazing man ever!  A few other notable things:  I started a new job…. Then another new job.  I moved- twice.  I traveled to China and India.  I received my one and only DNF (P2P 100 miler).  I attended my 10 year high school reunion.  I started playing ice hockey.  Only went to the ER once and didn’t break any major bones or have to take any prolonged time off.  I helped to put on a 3,000 person race.  Adopted a baby fish named Beta.  Was a brides maid in 2 of my greatest friends weddings.  Now let’s sum up the races you missed- with pictures of course:

Mel and Jash! 

March 2011 Colombia George Waterfalls 50k
Beautiful course with tons of waterfalls and tons of elevation to go with it!

April 2011 Lumberjack 100
OMG the mud out there was INSANE.  Note- this is the race that the new Boyfriend showed up to in the middle of the night to SURPRISE me and pace me a lap!  (this is when I knew that I was going to marry this one!)

May 2011 Big Sur Marathon
Went out to Carmel, CA with my AZ running girls for this beautiful beach side adventure!
June 2011 Vancouver Marathon

Toto and I paced the 4:10 pace group for this first time marathon and it was a BLAST!!

July 2011 Fire Cracker Triple

Running in the sunshine in OR 3 marathons in 3 days!  (this was also the weekend that I met the parents after finishing the 3 races!) (also the first time I barfed all over myself while driving after finishing a race)
August 2011 Summit Ridge
Humm no pictures from this race… Must have been that bad! (or Good)
September 2011 Lake Tahoe
Day after a wonderful bachelorette party and I am still keeping the streak alive!

October 2011 Portland Marathon (Jasha’s First!)
We are so tired before the start of the race coming from a wedding the night before!  Still had a great race and Jash did a wonderful job on his first marathon. 

Another October 2011 race just for fun!  Autumn Leaves 50

November 2011 Usary Pass 50k
Did this one the day before another wonderful friend’s wedding in AZ!

December 2011 Across the Years
Very nice to run in the sunshine and warmth in December with my sweets!!  (also our first x-mas and New Year’s together that went awesome!)

This past weekend I ran my first 50k of the year on a rolling hill, muddy, soft trail that ran around a “lake.”  Although I never saw said “lake” I am sure it was there behind the chain link fence… somewhere.  3 loops and a short out and back made up my 31 mile adventure with about 900 feet of gain and loss each loop and what felt like 8k on the out and back it was overall a pretty runnable course.  So of course I took advantage of this and was out of the gun like a shot and paid for it on lap 2… and 3… and the out and back.  Considering this was marathon/ultra #70 for me you would think that I would have learned by now, but what can I say, I’m a slow learner. 
It’s been a very fun ride thus far and 2012 is shaping up to be just as awesome with IronMel on the horizon for June! 


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